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Everything on the subject of pneumatics. The online training is divided into technical knowledge and coursework. This interactive online training covers the basics of pneumatic control. Participants learn to find practical and theoretical solutions to the key tasks of a basic course on pneumatics, e.g. as part of a basic vocational training course.


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Course: In this course the theoretically acquired technical knowledge is reinforced. A wide range of exercise types makes the course interesting and successful: participants have to draw symbols and circuit diagrams, answer multiple-choice questions and set up and connect circuits in PC-based video clips.

From the contents:

  • Physical basics (units, proper-ties, laws)
  • Energy supply (production, prep¬aration and distribution of compressed air)
  • Circuit diagram (circuit diagram, symbols)
  • Drive components (applications, linear drives, rotational drives)
  • Valves (designs, directional valves, stop valves, pressure control valves, flow control valves, valve combinations, logic elements)
  • Signalling components (manual signalling, endpoint detection)
  • Additional requirements