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The Electropneumatics online training builds on the Pneumatics online training and reinforces material already learned from practical projects.
Starting with concrete industrial applications, fundamental electropneumatic circuits are produced.


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With the help of numerous exercises, learnt material will be revised, applied and further developed by you. During an exercise, the online training reacts to each answer with varying feedback.

The trainee is supported by the basic knowledge module, which provides fundamental knowledge on electropneumatics in a structured, systematic manner. In the components module, the structure, function and application of typical electro pneumatic components is described. Various supporting materials are available to complete the exercise such as PDF documents, a variety of downloads and a comprehensive glossary.

From the contents:

  • Advantages and drawbacks of electropneumatics
  • Safety in electro pneumatic circuits
  • Fundamentals of electrical engineering
  • Pneumatic circuit diagram
  • Electrical circuit diagram
  • Basic logic functions
  • Direct and indirect electrical control, time and pressure dependent process controls
  • Signal storage in the power and in the control unit, latching circuit
  • Documentation for a control unit
  • Maintenance and repair of electro pneumatic systems
  • Solenoid actuated valves
  • Double-acting cylinders
  • Electrical buttons and switches
  • Sensors
  • Relays and contactors, timed relays
  • Pressure switch
  • Standardised circuit diagrams, electrical and pneumatic circuit diagrams