Machine Vision

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Machine Vision – the use of camera systems in production – is a relatively young, but swiftly growing area in automation technology. This web-based training unit deals with industrial image processing, from the creation of images up to the evaluation of the information in the picture.


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Working from actual practical industrial applications, students can follow all the steps in the image processing project in a practical manner. The basic knowledge required for this is clearly explained in the individual chapters of the technical knowledge module. In the components module, cameras and lighting systems are presented using examples.

From the contents:

  • How does a machine see?
  • Steps in industrial image processing
  • Image sensors: CCD and CMOS
  • Focal length and lens formula
  • Aperture and depth of focus
  • Types of illumination: objects subject to backlighting and incident light
  • Filters to improve the image
  • Point operators, local and global
  • Average and median filters
  • Sobel operators and Laplace filters
  • Process for image segmentation
  • Global and local threshold processes
  • Tools to calculate characteristics
  • The classification of parts and characteristic curves
  • Image processing and computing times
  • Intelligent compact vision systems
  • Lighting systems
  • Sample applications of industrial vision systems