Safety engineering

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This online training provides an introduction to the complex subject of safety engineering in industrial machines and systems.
The aim is to make participants more aware of the problems in the design aspects of safety engineering and help them understand safety engineering equipment and hazard analysis methods.


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The online training is based on an amended version of the EC machinery directive 2006/42/EC.

How is the overall performance level of a technical safety measure determined? The online training explains concepts such as probability of failure (POF), diagnostic coverage (DC), common cause failure (CCF), redundancy and diversity. There is also a detailed explanation of all the com-ponents for safety equipment.

From the contents:

  • Introduction to machine safety
  • The question of liability (who is liable in the case of an accident?)
  • European directives
  • The relationship between directives and standards
  • The new EU machinery directive 2006/42/EC
  • The hierarchy of the European standards for machine safety
  • Machine safety in the USA
  • Risk assessment procedure according to EN ISO 14121 and EN ISO 12100
  • Definitions
  • Risk evaluation: determining the required performance level
  • Risk reduction measurements: design measures, technical safety measures, instructional measures
  • Selecting the safety function
  • Determining the control category