The fascination of technology

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This exciting journey through the history of technology shows how inventions have changed the world. New forms of work have been created: from the hunter to the engineer. Fascination of technology is an interactive journey through the world of automation. The online training contains many different multimedia components to help you on your journey. Experience the excitement of discovery and learning – this is pure edutainment!


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The online training consists of 4 modules:

Technology and automation

Every day we come across technology and automated processes. This introduction illustrates, with practical examples, just how much life is affected by technology, in earlier times too but particularly today.

The history of automation technology

Mankind has always tried to make work easier through mechanisation and automation. Fascinating examples show how hard this development has sometimes been and how impressive the results can be.

Fundamentals of automation technology

This training module goes more deeply into practical examples. A manufacturing process previously carried out manually is automated: you learn about the parts (sensors, actuators) and processes (material flow, energy flow, signal flow) involved in an automated process.

Technology and ...

Technology and society have always been closely interwoven. This training module uses easy-to-understand examples to show how technology and society influence each other. The module also covers the limitations of technology – and possible negative impacts on society.