Key topics: Automation engineering, electrical engineering, measurement technology, industrial process engineering

Most of the training programmes focus on Automation engineering, electrical engineering and measurement technology, industrial process engineering, as well as on several related fields. In addition, informative content on environmental protection, topics related to everyday work, work organisation and work techniques, team performance and leadership, principles of accounting, as well as compliance can be found on my|eCampus.

Quality through experience and know-how

The contents of the training programmes are presented in a practise-oriented, easily understandable and interactive manner. In the online trainings, complex topics are conveyed through storytelling. Storytelling is an element from didactics and uses simple stories as a means of presenting content.

All training programmes include voice-over sound and complex animations as well as video sequences. Final tests with integrated evaluation functions allow users to receive a certificate after successful test completion.

The training programmes have a high didactical standard as they are developed by experienced media authors. In addition, all contents are reviewed by experts. Professional design and an advanced technical implementation complete the learning experience. No technical knowledge is required to use the training programmes. All contents can be activated in an intuitive way. All training programmes are available in German and English.

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